About Us

Linda Sheldone, RN, BSN, EMT-P (R) - Owner

Thank you for your interest in Sisterhood Seminars!

Few topics flush cheeks faster than talking about periods, puberty,  and perimenopause. 

That’s why Linda Sheldone, nurse, educator, and Paramedic of the Year honoree with over 30 years of  experience, specializes in sharing the facts of life with sensitivity and a dash of humor.

Unlike her mother’s approach to puberty – which was leaving a book on  the kitchen table for her to find – Linda introduces pre-teen girls to adolescence through her “It’s a Girl Thing!” seminar. During this joint parent-daughter experience, girls learn why puberty happens, what to expect, and how to prepare for the changes to come. Since guardians participate too, the seminar opens the door to ongoing discussions about this stage of life.

For moms, there’s even more hormonal hoopla to be had in Linda’s “Hot & Flashy” perimenopause seminar. From body and mood changes to hot flashes, Linda teaches us older girls what’s happening to our bodies as we go through “The Change” into menopause and beyond.

By bringing girls, guardians, and women together in a safe and welcoming atmosphere,

Sisterhood Seminars removes the angst and embarrassment of learning about hormonal changes.  This promotes a positive outlook among attendees that helps them better  prepare and adapt to the physical and emotional shifts they’ll experience.

Linda was born in Los Angeles, moved around to NorCal, Texas, and finally landed on Mercer Island in 4th grade through college (Go Huskies!). In 1985 she returned to California, and is now a resident of both Carlsbad and South Lake Tahoe. Linda spends her personal time hiking, skiing, reading, relaxing with her menagerie of pets, traveling with her retired Fire Captain husband, Mark, enjoying the society of her Alpha Chi Omega sisters, and looking forward to her daughter, Alyssa, visiting during college breaks. She is a Girl Scout Lifetime Member, and was a leader for Alyssa’s troop from kindergarten Daisies through High School Ambassadors, as her mother was for her troop. Becoming an "empty nester" in 2019 gives Linda the flexibility to bring Sisterhood Seminars to you!