Hostess Information

4SRanch Girl Scout Troop Puberty Class
Thank you for stepping up to hostess a seminar and for bringing this wonderful experience to your friends and their daughters!

Whom Should I Invite?

This is a mother-daughter event; no “drop offs.”   Everyone will participate in the seminar together!

The ideal age is girls between 9 and 12 years old (late 4th grade through early 6th grade).  Consider inviting your daughter’s classmates, athletic team, Girl Scout troop, youth group, female family members of appropriate age, and neighborhood friends.  There is a 10 couple (or $600) minimum in San Diego County.  Higher minimums may be required outside of San Diego County. The maximum number of girls depends on your space.

This is a “no boys allowed” event to foster an open forum for the girls.

What is the Program Format?

The puberty class takes about 3 1/2 hours, including a 30 minute break.  Most groups enjoy making this a potluck/pizza and salad event, usually at the break that is an hour and a half into the seminar, or before the seminar begins.  It is best not to eat during the actual presentation as this can cause distractions.

During the break, we will speak with the mothers in private to go over questions and the optional “how conception occurs” talk.

A note on serving alcohol…remind your adults that this is a special time to bond with the girls.  If you do decide to serve alcohol, consider waiting until the break or after the seminar.  Sometimes nervous moms tend to over-imbibe, which leads to behavior disruptive to the seminar and embarrassing to the daughter.  If this happens, the presenter may have to “take a break” and have the hostess deal with the tipsy mom.  Make sure that everyone has a safe and sober ride home!

Where is the Seminar Held?

A nice, comfy family room is the perfect environment.  Clubhouses, classrooms, meeting rooms…wherever all of your attendees can have a clear view of the PowerPoint screen will work.

It works best to have the daughters sit on the floor/couch in front of the mothers, who are sitting behind them on the couch/chairs. Have the girls bring floor pillow, blankets, pillow pets…whatever will make them feel relaxed.

We bring a projector and a screen, or we can connect to your television though Apple TV or with an HDMI cable that we provide (this eliminates having a projector set up in the middle of the room and having space taken up by the screen).

 When are the Seminars Held?

Because of the length of the seminar, most groups typically choose a weekend or Friday evening.  If you would like to have a weekday seminar, don’t start too late on a school night!

Please check out our calendar for availability.  When you see a date that you like, contact us and we’ll book you.

How Do We Pay?

Payment is due (cash or checks payable to Sisterhood Seminars) at the seminar for the agreed upon minimum attendance.  To reduce stress upon you as a hostess for those last-minute “no shows,” it is strongly suggested that payment be collected from your attendees at the time that they agree to join your seminar.  There are no reimbursements for attendance below the minimum, but every effort will be made to find another seminar for those who missed.

Need Help Getting More Attendees?

Sisterhood Seminars has small groups and couples looking to “boost” their seminar numbers or to join another group’s seminar.  Please tell us if you are interested in joining another group or opening up your seminar to others…sisters helping sisters is what we are all about!

Download our Generic Flyer and/or our Girl Scouts Flyer to hand out or forward to your friends.

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