“Hot & Flashy”

Are you ready for “The Change?”

Does your doctor have a couple of hours to sit down with you and discuss your concerns?  Even if she did, would your insurance company pay for it?  Did you answer “no” to these questions?

By popular demand, research is currently underway to put together a fun, informative evening to discuss perimenopause and “sweat it out” together!

Contact us to be put on our interest list.

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“Linda’s seminar was fabulous. The girls learned so much, and Linda provided information in an entertaining and age-appropriate manner.”

Lisa F. – El Camino Creek Girl Scout Troop

“Linda did a puberty class in my home for two fifth grade Girl Scout troops. It was amazing! The girls and moms enjoyed the way Linda handled a subject matter that can be tricky for moms and daughters and made it comfortable and educational. She created a safe environment for the girls to ask questions. I feel my daughter is more confident and secure after the seminar and I would recommend it to all mom and daughters.”

Danielle J. – Troop #4136 Girl Scout Leader

“Thank you for last night’s presentation! It was everything I thought it would be, and more. I think many people can present material, but you were able to create a warm and safe environment for the girls and connect with them so that they felt comfortable discussing so many of the topics you brought to the table.”

Jennifer G. – Troop #1792 Girl Scout Leader