“It’s A Girl Thing!”

“It’s A Girl Thing!”

“It’s a Girl Thing!”

Our “It’s a Girl Thing!” puberty seminar is a 3 1/2 hour interactive PowerPoint presentation (friendly illustrations – no graphic medical photographs), products demonstration, and Q & A.

Our age-appropriate class covers the basics about female puberty.  We do not discuss male anatomy/puberty (other than a couple of necessary facts), personal practices, abstinence/contraception, STDs, etc.; those are discussions for you to continue at home.

Throughout the seminar the girls are asked, “Who is your best resource?” (that’s you!) and reminded that each of their families have certain values, beliefs, and expectations that they are to follow.

“It’s a Girl Thing!” is a non-denominational/secular presentation, but can be tailored to fit the beliefs of your group.

Seminar Outline

“It’s a Girl Thing!” is 3 1/2 hours broken down into two halves (separated by a break):

First Part (one and 1/2 hours):

  • Icebreaker/Introductions
  • What is puberty and why do we go through it?
  • External changes
    • growth
    • personal hygiene, body hair, pimples
    • breast & hip development
  • Where do babies grow?Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 2.08.17 PM
    • age-appropriate explanation of “in the uterus”
  • How are babies made?
    • fertilization – the joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell (not how they meet)
  • How are babies born?
    • age-appropriate explanation of childbirth (brief explanation of C-section if a girl asks; usually someone does)
  • Emotional changes
    • new and rapidly changes feelings
    • chores and responsibilities
    • crushesPuberty Girls
    • friendships and privacy
  • Internal changes
    • basic female reproductive anatomy
    • ovulation
    • menstruation

Break (30 minutes):

  • Girls write anonymous questions on a note card
  • Mothers write a personal “What I want my daughter to know about puberty and growing up is…” note to daughters (to be read aloud at the end of the seminar)
  • Potluck/snacks are served
    • girls eat and get their “wiggles” out
    • mothers eat and meet with the presenter in a separate area
      • mothers hear the anonymous questions written by the girls
      • “Story of Conception” is presented to the mothers for their modifications and decision on whether to stay

Second Part (one and 1/2 hours):

  • Answering of anonymous questions written by girls
  • What to expect and how to prepare for your period
    • what does it feel/look like
    • at school/overnights
    • keeping track
  • Product demonstration
    • pads
    • panty liners
    • tampons
  • Wrap up
    • summarize what was learned
    • segue into “Story of Conception” for those who decide to stay*
    • read personal notes from mothers to daughters
  • Gift bags!

*It is common for mothers who were not intending to have their daughter stay for the brief “Story of Conception” to change their mind after hearing how it will be presented.  Some wait until the last-minute to “opt-in.”  We can handle this seamlessly!

Occasionally, a mother with “opt-out” (usually a young 4th grader in a mixed age group), which is perfectly fine.  We respect your decision and encourage all women to support each other!  A nonchalant “break for someone who has somewhere they need to be” will be given before the “Story of Conception.”  We do this without singling anyone out or making them feel awkward (a gift bag with the mother’s note will be left ahead of time by the front door).

We at Sisterhood Seminars are more than happy to discuss any aspect of the puberty seminar with you or your group members ahead of time.  Please contact Linda Sheldone at (760) 685-2961 or Linda@sisterhoodseminars.com.

Seminar FAQs

Who:  Women and girls with their group of friends.  $60 woman & girl, $75 woman & twins, $90 woman & different aged girls.  Minimum of 10 couples (or $600) within San Diego County. There is no maximum group size.  For travel outside the area, larger groups may be required.

What:  A fun, interactive, PowerPoint seminar that includes product demonstrations and time for Q&A.

Where:  Your home, school, community center; wherever you would like to meet!

When:  You pick a date and time.  Most groups choose to have a potluck before or after the seminar, or at the break.  Plan on at least 3 1/2 hours with your friends for this event!

Why:  So you, your girl, and her friends will receive the correct information about puberty and growing up at the same time!

Sisterhood Seminars has small groups looking to “boost” their seminar numbers and couples looking to join a group.  Please tell us if you are interested in joining another group or opening up your seminar to others…sisters helping sisters is what we are all about!

“Linda’s seminar was fabulous. The girls learned so much, and Linda provided information in an entertaining and age-appropriate manner.”

Lisa F. – El Camino Creek Girl Scout Troop

“Linda did a puberty class in my home for two fifth grade Girl Scout troops. It was amazing! The girls and moms enjoyed the way Linda handled a subject matter that can be tricky for moms and daughters and made it comfortable and educational. She created a safe environment for the girls to ask questions. I feel my daughter is more confident and secure after the seminar and I would recommend it to all mom and daughters.”

Danielle J. – Troop #4136 Girl Scout Leader

“Thank you for last night’s presentation! It was everything I thought it would be, and more. I think many people can present material, but you were able to create a warm and safe environment for the girls and connect with them so that they felt comfortable discussing so many of the topics you brought to the table.”

Jennifer G. – Troop #1792 Girl Scout Leader